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I worked for just under nineteen years as a maritime personal injury lawyer with Latti & Anderson LLP in Boston specializing in representing injured commercial fishermen, merchant mariners, marine construction workers, longshoremen, pleasure boaters, and ferry and whale watch passengers throughout New England and nationwide. I wrote hundreds of trial and appellate court briefs and memos over the years on all areas of personal injury law, maritime law, workers' compensation law, civil procedure, and evidence, and received favorable decisions on the vast majority of my motions, objections, and briefs.

Before joining Latti & Anderson, I worked for three years with a small general practice firm in New Hampshire, then called Donahue, McCaffrey & Tucker. And before that, I had a one year clerkship with the New Hampshire Superior Court. I have since relocated to Wisconsin, where I am now on my own, specializing in legal research and writing in all areas of pretrial procedure and civil and criminal substantive law. I am also Of Counsel to Brownstone, P.A., a national criminal appellate law firm, where I handle Wisconsin appeals and criminal post-conviction motions and write civil and criminal appeals and criminal post-conviction motions for Brownstone’s cases in state and federal courts nationwide.

As a consequence of research that I had done on a client's case a number of years ago, I became a national authority on an extremely important issue in personal injury litigation: how, if at all, a plaintiff’s attorney should protect Medicare’s rights to future reimbursement when settling the personal injury case of a client who is or may soon be entitled to Medicare benefits. I gave a presentation on this issue at the 2010 American Association for Justice (formerly ATLA) National Convention. As a result of my presentation, AAJ asked me to update my previous article on the subject for their national magazine, Trial.

Because I had been interested in food rights for some time, I had offered to do some pro bono legal research for the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund. As a result of some of that work, I developed the idea for an article that was published in 2014 in the Journal of Food Law and Policy on whether the right to purchase food of one's choice is a fundamental right as a matter of constitutional law. I argued that it is a fundamental, although limited, right, and laid out an outline for how to prove it within the rather narrow constraints of recent Supreme Court constitutional law decisions.

I am currently admitted in the Wisconsin state and federal Bars, as well as the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals and the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.


Syracuse University College of Law, Syracuse, NY, J.D., M.B.A., December 1987.
Lafayette College, Easton, PA, A.B., International Affairs, May 1984.


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Selected reported decisions

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