David J. Berg
Legal Research and Writing

Do you find legal research and writing a chore? Is responding to motions more of a trial for you than the actual trial? Then let me handle your research and writing, and you can focus on the things that you do best and that make you the most money, like:
  • returning clients’ calls
  • working clients’ files
  • settling their cases or preparing for trial
  • getting paid
Are you facing discovery issues? I can free you from the hassle of dealing with:
  • discovery letters
  • discovery motions
  • organizing voluminous records
Did a motion to dismiss or a motion for summary judgment just land on your desk? Does a client have a question that needs some research, legal or non-legal? I can help you with those tasks.

Is a trial coming up? I can write or help you draft your:
  • jury instructions
  • motions in limine
  • post-trial motions
And after trial, win or lose, the dreaded appeal often raises its ugly head. I can help you with that as well. I can just do the research or I can write the whole brief.

If legal research and writing is drudgery to you, don't do it. Save your time and energy for the real trial, and hire me for your research and writing needs. My research finds the answer.

I was a personal injury litigator for twenty-two years, and handled admiralty, Longshore, and general personal injury cases nationwide. Yes, cross-examination was fun, but I always liked research and writing even more. To me, there was nothing better than finding the right cases, taking apart the adversary's argument, sending out a great brief, and getting back a winning decision. So, after two decades, I decided to leave litigation and specialize on what I am best at, clear, concise, and convincing research and writing.

Let’s each do what we do best. You work your files. I’ll help you with your legal research and writing. You save time and money. We both win! Send me an email at dave@berglegal.net or give me a call at 414-595-8139 today, and find out how I can help you with your research and writing needs.
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